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Children 12 months to 5 years

Children in this age group are taught the essential survival skill of rolling back to float as well as independent swimming (basic front crawl swim). Students will swim with their head down for approximately 3-5 seconds, when they are tired and need to breathe, they will independently rotate onto their backs, float, rest and when ready, they will flip over to resume swimming. They will repeat the Swim-Float-Swim sequence as many times as needed until they can swim to safety. Upon completion of the course, your child will have the survival skills necessary to save himself from a potential drowning situation along with the enjoyment of recreational swimming. Toys & games are incorporated in these lessons for a more enjoyable lesson experience. Lessons are custom tailored to meet the physical, developmental and emotional needs of each child. Lessons are conducted one-on-one, four days per week , Monday - Thursday. Each lesson for this age group is approximately 10 minutes in length. Students are required to attend 4 lessons per week at their same scheduled lesson time each day, Monday - Thursday for the duration of the 4-6 week course. Please Note: All lessons have a performance based exit and not a time based exit. No two children are exactly alike therefore; no two lessons are conducted exactly alike. Parents or caretakers observe each lesson from the pool deck.